SVX EG33 Wiring Harness Removal

My son and I are in the process of installing an EG33 engine into his 96 Impreza. If you are at all familiar with the Impreza, you know it came with a EJ22 engine, which is an H4 design. The EG33 is an H6 design. In its basic form, the EG33 is just like the EJ22, but with two more cylinders (and a bunch more horsepower/torque).

We have ripped the EG33 out of a 92 SVX. Along with the engine, we’ve pulled the wiring harness, radiator, and many other parts we may/may not need. We figured we’d give it a try before we go and buy something else.


Here is the EG33 engine snuggled nicely into the engine bay of the 92 SVX. It really isn’t much bigger than the EJ22. I think it’s about 6″ longer or something. Due to this, we’ll need to move the radiator forward on the Impreza. We’re going to check the radiator from the SVX and see if we might be able to shoehorn it into the car, but don’t know yet.


EG33Here’s the EG33 out on the garage floor. I’m not sure we had to take the top portion of the intake off, but it came off to make it easier to get to the flexplate bolts through the inspection cover which is located just under the throttle bodies.





This is the jumbled mess of the wiring harness out of the SVX. It took us pretty much most of the day to get it out of the car, mainly due to all of the work which was required to get to it.





The entire dash needed to come out. Here’s what the aftermath looked like and believe me when I say, we added all kinds of room by removing the dash. Not much left.

Cordless_ImpactOne of the best tools I’ve invested in lately is this cordless 1/4″ impact driver. Absolutely made pulling everything out of the SVX take about 1/10th the time of using hand tools. This one only goes to 125 lb-ft maximum torque, but who cares … it was more than enough to pull the car apart. I highly recommend getting one. We used it everywhere. The 1/4″ to 3/8″ adapter I bought has worked flawlessly. Don’t pay attention to the naysayers who may suggest these things won’t stand up or don’t provide enough torque to do anything. We used this thing all day long without changing batteries. Great little impact gun, no doubt about it.

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