Strippers Anonymous

I have finally finished stripping out the harness. It isn’t completely together, but it is apart. I have gone through the list of wires which are needed, as provided by taiden (see previous blog entry). I’ll tell you, though, looking for a wire which never existed because you wrote the wrong one down can lead to some agonizing moments. After about 15-20 minutes of searching for C11, I looked at the list again to see I had written it down wrong. The one I should have been looking for was C10, which not only exists, but had been in my hand the whole time! Great fun.

Here is what the rest of the harness looks like … this is the part which I don’t need:


Here is what is actually needed for the swap:


As you can tell it still needs to be sorted and made pretty. I’ve started working on it, but it’s still a chore. I’ll be repinning everything which is needed back into the connectors sometime today. There are still some wires in the second picture which I won’t be needing (at least I don’t think I’ll be needing). I kept them with this portion of the harness as to keep with my “don’t cut the stupid thing” rule. I only had to make one cut in the whole wiring harness. There was one wire which was used as the power for an O2 sensor which was intertwined with some of the other wiring … there was a crimper in place holding it together, so that’s where I cut it.


I will solder and heat shrink it later once I get everything sorted correctly. I put a couple of pieces of tape, one on either side of the cut and marked them accordingly so I could identify where/how/when it should go together. I don’t think it would have been an issue. I think it was just me being me (read: anal).


My desk area is a complete mess! I’ve got wires and stuff all over the place: wiring diagrams. wires, connectors, tools, etc., etc., etc. Lots of work left to do on the harness, but it’s coming along. Needless to say, even though I’m saying I won’t need anything out of the top picture, that part of the harness isn’t going anywhere until I get the car started and running right. No sense getting rid of something I might need.

A friend of mine will be bringing a car trailer by later today. When it gets here I’ll be loading up the SVX carcass for it to go over the scales at Summit Metal Recycling here in the ‘Burg. That will happen on Monday after I get home from work.  Just for grins & giggles, I’ll post up how much I actually get from the recycler … I’m going to guess about $80.

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