Over the Scales

I had the chance to once again roll a car over the scales at Summit Metal Recycling here in the ‘Burg. It’s really sort of cool to watch them go at it.

I was able to borrow a trailer from a friend of mine. He dropped it by last Sunday afternoon and I was able to get the SVX loaded up. It took me a while to get it onto the trailer, because I was doing it myself and I was using a manual come-along to get it there. One small minute of “excitement” getting it up on the trailer was when I’d realized by taking the mounting bolts out of the front bumper, trying to pull by the bumper area was not a good thing … the bumper wanted to pull all the way out! I should have taken a picture of it, but I was too into the moment and didn’t get one for my blog. Great fun! I was able to get a couple of bolts back into it and it was stabilized at that point.

When I got home from work on Monday, I changed rather quickly and got ready to roll over to Summit. Here is what the car looked like on the trailer, ready to go:


You can see I had taken the wheels off of the SVX at this point. We are going to try and use these on my son’s Impreza when we get it up here. The tires are probably 5-10% of being new, so it seemed a tragedy to roll those across the scales, too. IIRC, my sons tires are something like P225’s, while these are P255’s. He should have a little more grip out of them than what he’s seen on his worn out tires. ┬áIf the backspacing doesn’t work for him, then no harm, no foul. We tried.

I was able to get down to Summit without issue. Rolled it across the scales to get the initial weight of everything, then rolled it back into their yard. I parked where they told me to and unstrapped the SVX. I had borrowed a couple of large ratchet straps from my buddy who lent me the trailer. These worked perfectly along with the tie down points on the trailer itself. Once the SVX was unstrapped, there was a guy with a for lift who ran the forks right through the window, blowing it out and spread death and destruction everywhere … it was awesome!! He picked up the car like it was nothing, moving it away from the trailer. He hopped down out of the cab of the fork lift, went over to an area, grabbed a broom and handed it to me. I went dutifully to work sweeping all of the safety glass off of the trailer … it took some work to get it off of there, but I didn’t want to be spreading the death and destruction all over the road, so swept it off into the recycling yard.

Once the trailer was cleaned, I rolled the empty trailer back over the scales again so the proprietor could get a second weight which gave them the difference using some simple math. I don’t know what the weight came to, but can tell you how much they gave me for the lumber SVX hulk: $58.50. Now you know what an 92 SVX is worth sans motor. I didn’t recoup much from the purchase of the car, but that’s more than okay. I can say an SVX engine, wiring harness, and computer costs a little less than $700. Perfectly fine with me.

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