… in with the new.

After all the troubles we had yesterday with trying to fit the engine into the Impreza, we got it in today with minimal effort. It was amazing.

Just to make sure I hadn’t screwed anything up, we pulled the engine back out and took the clutch/pressure plate from the engine. I tested the pilot bearing on the transmission input shaft and was actually a little dismayed at how much slop there was between the pilot bearing and the input shaft. It went right on, though, so I am not too worried about it. I put it all back together, torquing it properly, and greasing the pilot bearing inner race to ensure the tranny input shaft would have its best shot at going in without issue. I also put more grease on the input shaft to ensure it would slide into where it needed to go. Here are a couple of gratuitous shots of the flywheel and clutch assembly on the engine.



And yes, I cleaned the flywheel before putting the clutch on. For anyone who cares, the flywheel bolts get torqued to 58-62 lb-ft (I torqued these to 60 lb-ft), while the clutch bolts get torqued to only 11.6 lb-ft. I broke out my 3/8″ drive torque wrench and torqued them to 139 in-lbs.

Once everything was back together, we brought it up and over the core support, down into the engine bay again, put the bottom two studs into the bottom of the transmission where they go, wiggled a little bit, adjusted the jack under the transmission once, played a little bit more with the cherry picker, and the thing went together slicker than anybody’s business. I could not believe it. After fighting with the stupid thing for over four hours yesterday, just how easy it went together today.

Here are a few pics of the engine in the bay … after all that work, I just have to sit back and admire it a little bit.




It was a lot of work, but the ends make it worth it. You can see how tightly the front end of the engine is to the core support. Just a few inches of space. With the accessory drives in place, there’ll be about an inch of space between them and the radiator. I’ll need to cut the core support up top and work some angle iron into its place.

Still a lot of work left to do. Now the hard part begins with the wiring harness and getting everything to fit up correctly. Not that this swap hasn’t been done before, but when you’re doing a swap like this for the first time, nothing about it seems easy.

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