Fried Turkey for Thanksgiving?

While we did have a fried turkey for Thanksgiving, I’m almost positive I’ve fried the ECU as well. Just to put anything aside, I’ve gone ahead and purchased another one off of eBay. I know this goes against everything I hold dear with regards to working on cars … as in … I do not do R&R (Remove & Replace) wrenching. There is no worse form of diagnostics. It always costs more money than you can afford. It’s really just wrenching at its lowest level without diagnostics. I guess I can say I’ve actually done some diagnostics, though. Let me explain what’s going on …

I’ve been troubleshooting the Impreza trying to get it to start. I found two plugs in the engine compartment which¬†looked like they belonged together. Plugged them up and they snapped right into place with each other like a matched set … turned the key on and no longer heard the fuel pump kick on. I went around to the other side of the car where the ECU is at and you could smell the acrid smell of burnt electronics in the air. Yah, one of those heart sinking moments. I turned the key off and on again hoping I was just hearing things, but sure enough, no fuel pump. I went through and checked all of the fuses and couldn’t find any which were bad. I can ground the wire to the fuel pump relay and the pump kicks on just fine, therefore I know the relay and connection is just fine. The common denominator here is the ECU. I took the shell off of the ECU and you could smell it had a burnt electronics smell to it. I took the board off of the shell completely and did a complete once over on it. While I couldn’t pinpoint any fried capacitors, transistors, or resistors, something in there smelled burnt.

Since I’m about 95% sure I’ve fried the ECU, I went ahead and ordered it. Just one more thing I’ve had to purchase. While I’m a little stumped by why this thing won’t start in the first place, hopefully this will get me one step further towards the end goal of a rocket ship for my kiddo.

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