Getting Solid

I’m venturing into a new realm, that of dealing with 3D CAD software. I was able to get SolidWorks downloaded to my workstation at home for a very minimal price. I found I could get it due to my status as a Veteran for $20 and decided to give it a whirl.

I’ve only been working with the tutorial at this point, but have found the software to be fairly easy to use. To figure out exactly what you want to do with it is going to be a whole other ball of wax. I’m not very far into it, but am liking what I’m doing. Here is my first rendering, which is actually just part of the tutorial.

I really have no idea what it’s supposed to be, and anyone who’s done the tutorials would most likely recognize it. It took me about 20 minutes to build and has given me some insight into how the software works and functions.

I had tried to go through some YouTube videos to help me along the merry path of learning the software. I’ve found the videos there marked as “beginner” aren’t intuitive and leave A LOT to be desired. I may end up doing my own tutorials on this if I get to that point. I have a feeling something like probably has a ton of stuff on the use of SW, so may give a look-see there. usually has the best tutorials anywhere on the web, but at a cost.

I did want to mention what I’m using as a workstation. I built my workstation about two years ago. It has a Intel i7-4770 Haswell CPU, 16GB of RAM, 480GB SSD, and an EVGA GeForce 1060 6GB SSC video card. I was worried from what I saw online that this system may not be good enough to run SW, but much to my pleasure and enjoyment I’m having no issues. I get absolutely no slowness or jitters out of the software and the workstation seems to be handling all aspects of it just fine.

I may or may not post more on SolidWorks on my blog, but know I’m having fun with it in the meantime. I like where it’s going and what it might be able to do for me. I have a friend who has recently gotten into 3D printing, so I may start hitting him up with design things and see if I can create what he wants so he can print it out, or possibly do some work here and have him print it for me. It could be a lot of awesome fun!

Until next time … Be Well.