Out with the old …

My son came up from North Carolina on Thursday. They came in late, so we all slept in on Friday and got a late start to getting going on the Impreza. I get Friday off every 2nd week on payday, so I take my wife out for a day date. We’ll either go to breakfast or lunch. This Friday we had Indian food at a local place here in the ‘Burg. When we got back, I’d discovered my son had already jump started the process by draining the radiator and having the hood off the car. He had also removed the front bumper and the rest of the front end components which could possibly get in the way. Here are some pics of the front end. I’d actually taken these pictures so I’d have reference after the fact.




Nothing too uncommon here … just a 96 Impreza with a EJ22 engine in it.

In what seemed like just a little while, we were able to get everything apart and pull the engine. I was amazed at how little time this really took us to get things done. Here’s the little EJ22 on the cherry picker. Not a very large engine at all.


When my son first got this car, there was a massive oil leak from on the right side (passenger side) cam seal. It was leaking down onto the exhaust and basically made a mess of everything. At that time we had changed out the timing belt, water pump, idlers, and cam seals. This shut down the oil leak, but the oil stayed put where it was … which was all over the bottom side of the engine bay. This is very evident from this picture.


There was a ton of grease everywhere. This is what nearly 300k miles worth of grime looks like. With a large cleanup task head of us, I pulled out the power washer and had at it. Here’s what the engine bay looked like after the cleanup.


Mucho better! Since I had the power washer out and running, I also took a stab at the EG33.


We had done our best to tape everything up and cover it where possible. This didn’t keepĀ all the water out, but it did keep the vast majority of it out. It clean up nice, but as you’ll see in my next blog post, I’ll still have to do more cleanup.

There is still lots of work ahead of us, but the work is pushing forward.